Lili Matta’s Filmography

Writer, Director, and Producer Lili Matta has been making quality films for several years through Byblos Productions.


Lili Matta – Director Reel

This Reel includes selected scenes from “Life Gets In The Way” (2014) and “Reverberation” (2003). 

Life Gets In The Way

Life Gets In The Way (2014) is the story of a woman who tries to pick up the pieces of a broken past and struggles with an unstable present in the big city of Los Angeles, where serious relationships are hard to find.

The film is currently distributed by ITN and is also available on Amazon.


Around Lebanon In 5 Days

Around Lebanon In 5 Days is a Documentary produced, directed and shot by Lili Matta. 

Edited by Rory O'Donnell. 



Reverberation (2003) is the story of a writer who tragically loses his lover and muse and therefore loses his inspiration for writing.  


Born In Beirut

Born in Beirut (2002) is a personal narrative documentary about Lili Matta's own experience during the war in Beirut, Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. 

It is also an interaction between past and present and the constant idea of struggling to survive.